Maytag Double-Drawer Dishwasher
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Maytag Double-Drawer Dishwasher

2012 Maytag Double-Drawer Dishwasher

Maytag 2012 Double-Drawer Dishwasher To Save Time As Well As Energy

Now it is possible to spend less time doing dishes with the 2012 Maytag double-drawer dishwasher. It features an internal food chopper that is able to grind as well as wash away the food particles. Besides, there is a NSF-certified sanitizing option which is able to eliminate most bacteria for providing really clean dishes.

The dishwasher comes along with an owner's manual detailing the product features. Besides, the electronic controls help to offer a simple navigation of the settings. The lockout feature lets you lock the controls, in order to prevent unintentional use. The design of this double-drawer dishwasher has a 5-piece place setting capacity in order to accommodate the different size loads.

It also features premium dark DuraGuard® nylon racks, which protect the dishes from scratches and damage. Split & Fit silverware basket is provided along with cover, which fits in the rack in order to hold flatware in place as well as make unloading easy. The wire cup shelf is designed to hold glasses as well as mugs in place during the cycle. It is equipped with 5 cycles which Include heavy-duty, normal, besides light, quick wash as well as rinse in order to meet all your dishwashing needs.

Maytag is one of the leading brands today for home equipment. The Maytag double-drawer dishwasher is for those who are looking for a dishwasher which is reliable as well as capable of the basic as well as the most sophisticated functions.

The Maytag double-drawer dishwasher machine has a stainless steel body, which adds to its durability. Besides, it makes it look stylishly more expensive than it actually is. Due to its compact frame, it is the perfect dishwasher for cramped spaces. Compared to the other traditional built-it dishwashers, this dishwasher is unique because its features have been integrated completely with the design. This gives its users the full benefit of having two units in one due to its built-in drawer.

Since its two dishwashing spaces can be used simultaneously, hence the Maytag double-drawer dishwasher carries an Energy Star® seal. It can wash by using one of the two washing chambers or even both of them together. This is ideal for saving water as well as energy.

The Maytag has been developed with the QuietSeries sound package, which is a special sound dampening package that is able to produce the ultimate in silence, making it appear as if the unit is not running at all. This is quite useful for those who prefer to do the dishes at night due to the cheaper power costs.

The Maytag double-drawer dishwasher 2012 is specifically designed for the washing of small batches of dishes at a time, by using either one of its washing chambers. The most stubborn stains will get washed away by the high pressure spray jets.

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