KitchenAid Double-Drawer Dishwasher
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KitchenAid Double-Drawer Dishwasher

2012 KitchenAid Double-Drawer Dishwasher

KitchenAid 2012 Double-Drawer Dishwasher Has A Sleek Look Due To Its Clear Lines

The 2012 KitchenAid double-drawer dishwasher certainly has a high end look, due to its sleek, European styling along with its clean lines. The KitchenAid stacking dishwasher is made by Fisher & Paykel. In fact, it is exactly the same as the Fisher & Paykel double drawer DishDrawer. It includes two separate as well as stacked small dishwashers. Both these drawers, together, will not be able to hold as much as a well designed and a full size dishwasher. Also, to be considered is the limited height of objects which can be put into this dishwasher.

In fact, the older couples who do little cooking will find the KitchenAid double-drawer dishwasher perfect for their lifestyle. They will feel satisfied that they can even wash a half load in it. It is a stainless steel two-drawer dishwasher which is the ultimate in convenience as well as conservation. This is an Energy Star® qualified dishwasher, which has the ability to run 5 cycles. It runs on 33% less energy. The 2 drawers of this dishwasher can either be run individually or even simultaneously. Thus it suits a family for 2 and even a party of 5. The 2 drawers can be set in such a way that you may run delicate wine glasses in one and wash heavy duty pots as well as pans in the other one, at the same time. This dishwasher provides a very high level of efficiency as well as functionality, all available in a standard dishwasher size.

The KitchenAid double-drawer dishwasher is among the newer breed of home dishwashing appliances. This drawer model allows you to open as well as close the dishwasher just like any other drawer which you have in the kitchen. This way the designers have more freedom in order to create more streamlined kitchens without using any kind of a bulky as well as obtrusive full size undercounter dishwasher unit. Two drawer machines are just great for kitchens which have limited space.

The clever thing about KitchenAid double-drawer dishwasher machines are that they are made up of two independent dishwashers. Thus, only one of the drawers is to be used at any given time in case just a small wash is required. Else, one drawer can be set on a delicate wash cycle for your cups and china, while the other drawer can set down to the heavy duty cleaning of the pots and pans. This dishwasher also has the advantage of being easily disguised in a kitchen.

The KitchenAid double-drawer dishwasher 2012 is a relatively new, high-end kitchen product. Thus, it is often more expensive than the other models by a factor of around 20%. But it is a space saving, design-savvy modern appliance for which people are willing to pay a little more.

It is also equipped with a hard food chopper, which takes care of the food particles that are washed off the dishes.

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