Fisher & Paykel Double-Drawer Dishwasher
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Fisher & Paykel Double-Drawer Dishwasher

2012 Fisher & Paykel Double-Drawer Dishwasher

Fisher & Paykel 2012 Double-Drawer Dishwasher Is A Multi-Functional Appliance

The 2012 Fisher & Paykel double-drawer dishwasher is designed to follow the latest kitchen trend of agility of operations, in which manufacturers are doubling up and even multiplying the functions of their appliances. In fact, Fisher & Paykel were the first one to come up with the concept of this independently functioning, double-drawer dishwasher. This dishwasher is designed in order to emulate the form of the other kitchen drawers. This can either be installed in separate locations or even on top of one another in any standard dishwasher location. The benefit of this dual-drawer system is that you are able to separate your dishes. You may put stemware in one drawer and rinse them on a delicate cycle, while you may place pots and pans in the other drawer and wash them with a heavier cycle.

The Fisher & Paykel double-drawer dishwasher is ideal for smaller households where small amounts of dinnerware have to be washed at any given time. You are able to save water as well as energy by only running one drawer. Individual drawers of this dishwasher can wash up to 7 place settings and use just 2.4 gallons of water per load. The Fisher & Paykel dishwasher comes with a built-in water softener which helps to keep dinner and stemware organized, clean as well as free of mineral spots. Each drawer is offering 8 different wash cycles as per your needs. It is available in black, white, besides stainless steel, and are equipped with trim panels. This can be referred to as a dishwasher machine which can help create flexible kitchen layouts as well as operation.

Usually, in stainless interiors, dirt tends to get trapped in sharp corners. But the polymer interior of this unit has rounded edges. This means that it does not trap any dirt at all. Besides, the occasional fingerprint or even water spot tends to build up on the stainless front. Use a soft cloth with either stainless cleaner or a glass cleaner to remove these.

The drawers of this machine can be locked so that children can't get inside it. The dishwasher door panel controls are on the exterior, can be accidentally touched and changed by your kids  which may interfere with the set cycle.

While installing the Fisher & Paykel double-drawer dishwasher 2012, pay attention to the level of the drawers. While leveling the unit, ensure that you adjust the rear legs a bit lower so that the back end is slighted elevated so that the drawers will stay open while you are loading it. Once the rinse aid reservoir gets low, the red light which is inside refracts through a prism and gets through to the cap to tell you. In case your dishes are not getting cleaned, you need to switch to another cleaning cycle which can match your level of dirty dishes. Else, you need to learn how to load the drawer properly.

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