Bosch Double-Drawer Dishwasher
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Bosch Double-Drawer Dishwasher

2012 Bosch Double-Drawer Dishwasher

Bosch 2012 Double-Drawer Dishwasher Is A Work Of Art

You can buy the 2012 Bosch double-drawer dishwasher in stainless, black, or white or you may even have custom drawer fronts made. This machine is a true work of art due to its unique pull-out drawer design. You can purchase this unit as two separate drawers for either side of the sink, or you may even purchase the double-drawer unit. The difference in price for this double-drawer dishwasher is quite minimal. Also, the plumber will be charging much more for installing two separate units as draining as well as water supply becomes more of a hassle. Another benefit of getting the double-drawer unit is that the space below the single drawer dishwasher unit usually goes to waste, which is not the case with the double-drawer unit.

The Bosch double-drawer dishwasher makes more sense as rather than doing large loads, you can do smaller loads which will save you water as well as time. Also, this machine has two motors. Besides the sleek design and the stainless convex front, this is a very quiet machine. It has a melodious chime. Also, when the drawer powers up, it gets locked, which makes a small mechanical noise. This dishwasher uses a polymer inside that can absorb sound vibration.

It uses just 2.4 gallons of water and has 8 wash cycles. Besides having a 24 dinner plate capacity in each drawer, it also uses the revolutionary Smart Drive system. Thus the motor and electronics can be switched in order to work in any direction and even the speed can be adjusted. This works great for the gentle cycles as well as for the dirtier jobs. The motors in the Bosch double-drawer dishwasher machine take up less space as they are just 2 - 3/4 inches tall, which means that there is more room for dishes and other stuff. Also, this machine draws in air from the outside in order to dry the dishes. This helps to remove condensation as well as dripping.

The controls are located on the inside top lip of the drawer. The drawer front has a LCD display in order to let you know which part of the cycle is engaged. In case you don't wish to do dishes in the day as you're trying to conserve energy, you can set the timer in order to automatically do the dishes for you while you are sleeping.

The Bosch double-drawer dishwasher has a flow-through detergent as well as rinse aid dispenser which is able to protect the delicate dishes as well as glasses from detergent burn through diluting the detergent with water. It will even remind you when you need to fill the rinse aid chamber, by flashing the red LED light in the knob of that chamber.

The Bosch double-drawer dishwasher 2012 has adjustable racks and shelves for a variety of loads. You only need to remove the filter at the bottom of each drawer and rinse it in order to clean this machine.