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Double-Drawer Dishwasher

2012 Double-Drawer Dishwasher

The Latest Technological Innovation Is The Double-Drawer 2012 Dishwasher

Homes today definitely do not look like the way they used to a few years ago. This is because technology has made its influence felt in this area too. Numerous basic kitchen appliances have turned into high-tech gadgets. They have been designed in order to simplify our activity, as well as look good at the same time. The 2012 double-drawer dishwasher is one such gadget.

The elegant double-drawer dishwasher comes with two separate integrated touch controls. In fact, it is an excellent addition for any modern high performance kitchen. With its many advanced features, this is a dishwasher which reduces cleaning times besides saving energy.

The double-drawer dishwasher is equipped with special multi-blade hard food grinder. This chops up the food particles which eliminates the need for pre-rinsing. There is also an advanced sensor which detects water temperature, soil as well as detergent amount in order to optimize cleaning cycles. Hence, there are 6 wash cycles besides 4 cycle options. These include:

- Heavy Wash

- Normal

- Sensor Wash

- Quick Clean

- Rinse Only

- Light/China

The cycle is adjusted based on what is sensed. For a complete custom wash, each drawer comes with a superior 2-level wash system. The water is sprayed from several angles which lead to very clean dishes. The certified sanitary rinse option in double-drawer dishwasher manages to kill 99.9% of bacteria.

Another benefit of this dishwasher is the capability of each drawer to accommodate 5 place settings. The drying fan will make sure that your dishes are spotlessly clean. The other features in a double-drawer dishwasher include durable nylon racks, besides a large silverware basket along with a removable cover as well as child lock. The double dishwasher is easily available with stainless steel, black or even custom panel.

This dishwasher ensures that there is no need to rinse the dishes off before you put these in the dishwasher. There won't be any food at the bottom of the dishwasher which needs to be cleaned later due to its unique hard food grinder.

The sensor in this dishwasher will automatically adjust the cycle time as well as water temperature which depends on the number and the type of dishes that are inside. This option helps to conserve energy, besides reducing the unnecessary use of water.

Dishwasher maintenance tips:

The dishwasher is equipped with a deluxe rack system. The flexible tines having cushioned tips can be removed. The rack system even has fold down cup shelves. This dishwasher is able to handle small items with ease. A mesh bag is included in order to secure these small items during the washing process. The double-drawer dishwasher 2012 also has two clips in order to help hold lightweight items. Besides, there is a rinse aid dispenser as well as an indicator light which will let you know when it's empty.

Top Double-Drawer Dishwasher Brands

There are several brand name double drawer dishwashers that are top notch. The Bosch double-drawer dishwasher not only has a sleek design but is a very quiet machine. This dishwasher machine uses a polymer inside that can absorb sound vibration. It has a melodious chime. The Maytag double-drawer dishwasher features an internal food chopper that is able to grind as well as wash away the food particles. Maytag is one of the leading brands today for home appliances. The Maytag has been developed with the QuietSeries sound package, which is a special sound dampening package that is able to produce the ultimate in silence, making it appear as if the unit is not running at all. The name Maytag is synonymous with dependability.  The KitchenAid double drawer dishwasher is a stainless steel two-drawer dishwasher which is the ultimate in convenience as well as conservation. Fisher & Paykel also manufacturers the KitchenAid, so the Fisher & Paykel double drawer dishwashers are very similar in style to the KitchenAid units. These machines are ideal for smaller households where small amounts of dinnerware have to be washed at any given time. You are able to save water as well as energy by only running one drawer.

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